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Pool Memberships for Eagles Ridge Estates

Pool Membership Policy
  • Members of Eagles Ridge Estates HOA may elect to purchase a Pool Membership for 2024.

  • Pool Membership Cost

    • $275 ($283.50 if paying online to cover processing fees) for homes that purchased Pool Memberships in 2023. Use the "Returning Pool Members Pay Here" pay button.

    • $275 ($283.50 if paying online) for homes that closed after June 1, 2023. Use the "Returning Pool Members Pay Here" pay button. Please be ready to provide documentation of the closing date.

    • $375 ($386.50 if paying online) for homes that chose not to purchase Pool Memberships in 2023.  Use the "New Pool Members Pay Here" pay button. Please note in 2025 this fee will increase to double the Pool Membership cost (i.e. $550 if Pool Memberships remain $275).

    • Payable by check made out to Eagles Ridge Single Family HOA and mailed to 4800 SW 3rd St., Blue Springs MO 64014

  • Only homes that are members of Eagles Ridge Estates HOA may purchase a Pool Membership.

    • Members of Eagles Ridge Single Family HOA receive pool access by paying their dues and do not need to also buy a Pool Membership. To pay your dues see the pay button on the Homeowners page.​

    • The homes that do not belong to either Eagles Ridges Single Family or Eagles Ridge Estates HOAs have no option for pool access until they can prove they have legally joined the Eagles Ridge Estates HOA.

  • Pool Membership payments are due March 31st, 2024.

    • Unless it is due to a new home closing, payments after March 31st, 2024 will include a $50 late fee. It may take up to two weeks to activate fobs once payment is made.​

  • A completed Pool Form must be on file before key fobs will be activated. See the "Pool Form" button below. Fill out and email to

Pool Membership FAQ
  • Do I need to purchase a Pool Membership?

    • Those homeowners living in Eagles Ridge Estates HOA that wish to have pool access must purchase a Pool Membership.​

    • Homeowners living in Eagles Ridge Single Family HOA cannot purchase a pool membership as their dues include pool access.

  • Why are Pool Memberships even a thing?

    • Our neighborhood consists of homes that fall within four different categories​

      • Eagles Ridge Single Family HOA - Own the pool and maintain this website​

      • Eagles Ridge Estates HOA - Eligible for Pool Memberships - Do not own the pool, but we have long-term aspirations to merge with and believe it is mutually beneficial to share use of the pool

      • Some single family homes that due to a legal/clerical error are not in any HOA - Have no option to use the pool until they agree to join Eagles Ridges Estates HOA

      • Duplexes and townhomes that are completely separate from any of the single family homes and have their own pool at the entrance to the neighborhood

  • Why $275?

    • ​The developer has informed us that they are going to be collecting dues from Eagles Ridge Estates HOA members in 2024. The most recent estimate we received was $250. We do not know what the final number will be. We had to make our budget to get figures out to our members. Our members are paying $525. If the developer collects $250, then Eagles Ridge Estates Members would pay a total of $525 should they choose to buy Pool Memberships. If the developer decides to collect a different amount, Eagles Ridge Single Family HOA will not reassess the amount for the Pool Memberships. It will remain $275.
    • The budget in 2024 is designed to break even. While we would like to build more reserves, we feel the members that have been paying for the last number of years deserve a break and should not have to continue to bear the full weight of building reserves that will be enjoyed by a much larger neighborhood once a merger is completed, or a permanent working agreement can be made with the boards of the two HOAs.​ For budgeting purposes we conservatively estimated we will sell 50 Pool Memberships. We sold 51 in 2023.

    • It is fair for the costs to remain equal as the vast majority of our expenses are dedicated to the pool, entryway maintenance, and operating costs (which include invoicing and communicating with Eagles Ridge Estates HOA members).

    • We will not have any access to the money collected by the developer. The developer making this decision caused us to have to increase dues paid by our own members.

  • Why the extra $100 for people that chose not to purchase in 2023?

    • We cannot create a situation where Eagles Ridge Estates HOA members can choose year to year whether or not to purchase memberships. This makes it impossible to budget.

    • Eagles Ridge Single Family HOA members do not have an option to pay dues.

    • Eagles Ridge Estate HOA members that paid in 2023 helped build a $14,000+ surplus.​

    • $100 was chosen in 2024 because the intent is not to punish those who chose not to purchase in 2023, but to make them aware of the policy moving forward. Starting in 2025 the fee will increase to double the cost of a Pool Membership.

  • Will there be a cap set on the number of Pool Memberships that will be sold in 2024?

    • No. The long-term desire is for the entire neighborhood to be merged into one HOA.​

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