Welcome, Eagle's Ridge!

HOA Dues

Eagle's Ridge HOA Dues for 2021 are $500.00 (this included a special assessment approved at the Annual HOA Meeting in 2020).

Dues are annually with a March 31st due date - full payment. We do offer a $50.00 discount if dues are paid early (before March 1st 2021).

Common area maintenance (mowing, trimming, lawn treatments, etc.) for the front entry and pool area

Pool maintenance including chemicals, salt, maintenance needed and work to maintain a great community pool for our members.

As of today, trash is not included in the yearly dues

Pool Information

4800 SW 3rd Street

Blue Springs, Mo 64014

Pool Hours

Sunday - Thursday

8:00 am - 9:00 pm

Friday - Saturday

8:00 am - 10:00 pm


Architectural Review Committee

If you have any home improvement projects planned in the future (installing a fence, painting your home, major landscaping, new roof, etc., you are required by the CC&R's to submit plans to the ARC Committee.  

Please e-mail: Eaglesridgehoa@outlook.com

The ARC will meet on a as needed basis for approvals. 

HOA Meeting Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I owe any dues?

Let the HOA know you are new to the neighborhood by emailing us at eaglesridgehoa@outlook.com.


How do I pay my dues? Are they due annually?

You can pay through our website or mail a check to 4800 SW 3rd Street Blue Springs, MO 64014. Make checks payable to Eagles Ridge HOA. Dues are paid annually and invoices will be mailed out to homeowners at the beginning of the year.


What is included with our dues?

The dues and assessment fees are for maintenance on the front entrance, pool and the area surrounding the pool. Currently trash and recycling is not included. There are no restrictions on which disposal company you use at this time. 


Where are the HOA restrictions at?

A copy of the rules and restrictions are located on the HOA website.


What type of mailbox do I get? Where do I put it?

You can choose what type of mailbox you would like and install. This relates to the current 44 homes in Eagle’s Ridge.  All new build homes in Eagle’s Ridge Estates will utilize a community mailbox.


I need to get access to my community mailbox, how do I do that?

After you move in, please go to the Blue Springs USPS (500 SW South Ave. BS, MO 64014) and request a mailbox.You will need to bring documentation showing you own the property and pay $5.00 for keys.


How do I communicate with the HOA?

Feel free to email us anytime! You can also contact us by e-mail at eaglesridgehoa@outlook.com or on Facebook on our neighborhood group page. Request to join the group Eagle’s Ridge Subdivision in Blue Springs, MO.


When is the next HOA meeting?

Meetings are announced on the website and Facebook group.


Are there any events that are neighborhood wide?

We will post upcoming events on our website and Facebook group.


Key fobs were left when I move in, what do I do?

Please contact the HOA and let them know you have the key fobs. Fill out the pool application and release and return by scanning them to the HOA email or drop off to Kelly Vanosdoll at 404 SW Newport Dr. The key fobs will be updated and turned on after all requirements are met.


The pool fountains are not on, how do I turn them on?

The pool fountains and kids spray accessories are on a timer. On windy days they are sometimes turned off to save water from washing out of the pool.

Who can utilize the pool?

Eagle’s Ridge & Eagle’s Ridge Estates (will merge in the future) only has access to the pool. The multi-family housing does not have access to utilize the pool. Dues must be paid before utilizing the pool.


I’m installing a new fence, what should I do?

Please review the CC&R’s to review types of fences approved. All fencing request must go through the ARC Committee for approval.


What are the most common complaints that the HOA receives?

Trash not being picked up, new construction in the neighborhood, RVs and Boats parked on driveways and streets.


I have a question not answered above, what should I do?

Send an e-mail to the board at eaglesridgehoa@outlook.com and we’ll respond as soon as possible!